My Process

Planning for success

Collaboration between designer and client is the secret to a long-lasting relationship. Here are my business and design processes which outline the main phases that we will endeavor together. These phases ensure that the designer and client are both receiving what they need to finish a project on time, on budget, and with the targeted outcomes. The process below is an overall general guideline. A website process has some additional steps.

5 Phase 1: Connect

First I meet with you to learn about your business and marketing goals. Begin this process by filling out my Client and Project Form. After submission, I’ll contact you for a free 30-minute phone, Skype or Google Hangout meeting.

Once I have a better understanding of the project at hand, I can provide you with a quote or a proposal depending on the scope of the project. If you’re ready to proceed, a 50% deposit is required before entering Phase 2: Discovery.

10 Phase 2: Discovery

This is the creative briefing stage. If we’re new to working together and your business or organization is on the larger size, I prefer to have 1 – 3 discovery sessions. These sessions ensure that I capture all necessary information that could impact design projects, technical issues, design concept, final decisions, content, etc. This is a really important stage for more complex clients such as government or organizations with many moving parts going on at once.

If however, your businesses is small to medium-sized, a 1-hour discovery phase should be appropriate.

15 Phase 3: Research

Once I’ve gathered the necessary information about your business, I enter the creative research phase. The marketing research may have been given to me at Phase 2: Discovery, which includes target audience, personas (if you have them), brand vision, competitors, and more.

The creative research however, is directly related to design thinking. It promotes inspiration, helps protect us against plagiarism, and promotes memorable and unique design ideas. Using the marketing and creative research together, I can design a strategic direction for the next phase; concept development and design.

40 Phase 4: Design

The design phase is where all our previous work pays off! The conceptual design work will demonstrate if we’ve completed the discovery & creative briefing thoroughly enough. It’s the continuation of the Design Process, which is made up of 3 high-level stages; 1 Defining the problem, 2 Getting ideas, and 3 Creating form.

This is when the brainstorming, mind-mapping, brand matrix, mood boards, thumbnails and mock-ups happen. Once I settle on up to three concepts, I begin to execute the design options for your review.

5 Phase 5: Present

I present my design concept to you with a rationale for each. You provide feedback and if there is more than one design, choose one to further pursue.

15 Phase 6: Revisions

I make revisions to your chosen design piece based on your feedback. We can go through this revisions process up to three times before finalizing the design nad keep communicating to ensure we are on track.

5 Phase 8: Deliver

Once the final design has been approved, I deliver the final artwork to you or, send the files to the appropriate vendor such as a print service provider or web developer. If situated in Calgary, I manage the press-checks, as well as communicating and directing the web developer. Final payment is required to be paid within 30 days after delivery date.

5 Phase 9: Archive

I archive all the work that has been done so we can build a library of brand assets for your businesses or organization for when you’re ready to start a new project!

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